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Hall of Fame - Pillars of the Turf

Name Inducted Biography
Arthur B. Hancock, Jr. 2016

More than anything else, Arthur Boyd “Bull” Hancock, Jr. was identifiable as a working horseman, the first of his profession to be elected to The Jockey Club. One of the most astute and accomplished breeders in American racing history, Hancock was also a prominent and respected leader in the sport who built upon an already grand foundation to further develop and entrench historic Claiborne Farm as arguably the most important horse farm in the world.


William Woodward, Sr. 2016

The breeder and owner of Triple Crown winners Gallant Fox and Omaha and a longtime chairman of The Jockey Club, William Woodward, Sr. was one of the most significant figures in American racing during the 20th century.


Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt 2015

Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt loved thoroughbred racing — and for seven decades of the 20th century, Vanderbilt contributed to racing in ways that greatly benefited the sport.


John Hay Whitney 2015

John Hay Whitney was described by racing journalist Kent Hollingsworth as being “as close to royalty as American racing ever had.”


E. P. Taylor E. P. Taylor 2014

Few figures in the history of thoroughbred racing have had as diverse an impact as E.P. Taylor. The breeding, racing and sales arms of the sport all benefited from his vision.


E. R. Bradley E. R. Bradley 2014

A combination of legend and fact are woven into the traditional tales of Col. Edward Riley Bradley, but there is no doubt that he was an American success story on a grand scale.


August Belmont II August Belmont II 2013

August Belmont II (1853-1924) was born in New York City and spent part of his childhood in The Hague, where his father was serving as U.S. Minister to the Netherlands.

Paul Mellon 2013

One of the most esteemed sportsmen of the 20th century, Paul Mellon (1907-1999) was the only son of financier, industrialist and Secretary of the Treasury Andrew W. Mellon.