Reproduction Policies

Policy on Rights and Reproduction of Paintings, Photographs, and Objects from the Museum Collection

  • Transparencies of paintings and objects are rented (not sold) for a thirty-day period, renewable, at $30 per thirty-day period, plus the appropriate use fee. Transparencies will be provided upon receipt of order form and payment.
  • If a transparency must be made, the charge is $150 for each object photographed, and includes the thirty-day rental charge.
  • There is a $1 per day late fee if a transparency is not returned within 30 days, or if payment for a subsequent 30-day rental is not made prior to the expiration of the initial transparency rental.
  • If possible, scans of photographic images can be made at a charge of $5 to $15 per item, depending on size and quality, with a $5 added fee for those requesting the image saved to a CD. The image is for one-time use only.
  • The assigned staff member will provide one hour of his/her time without charge in order to answer research requests that are specific (i.e. horse, race, AND date) After the initial hour of free time, the staff member can continue at a rate of $20.00 per hour. Large numbers of photograph requests and requests of museum staff to pick images they feel may be appropriate will also require a $20.00 per hour research fee. Staff will estimate number of hours needed to complete task and charge the requesting individual or institution research fees. These fees must be paid prior to work being done, regardless of whether images will actually be used.
  • Current use fees are as follows:

Non-profit Use

Within text


Film, video, TV


Book cover or jacket







Commercial Use 

Within text, black and white


Within text, color


Magazines and newspapers


Magazine cover   


Book Cover


Greeting Card


Post Card




National Advertisement


Local Advertisement


Film, video, TV


CD-ROM image



  • Normal turn-around is 2-3 weeks from receipt of payment. Rush service, when schedule permits, will be provided within one week of receipt of payment, at 100% surcharge on total order. Rush service is for digital scans or rentals of existing transparencies only.
  • Postage and handling must be added to the advanced payment. Federal Express delivery will be made using the client’s account number, if desired.
  • Charges for items not listed above (i.e. t-shirts, clocks, figurines) for the purpose of sale will vary depending on size, type, quantity produced, and the purchase price for the item.


Please contact Collections Manager Stephanie Luce at or (518) 584-0400 ext. 117 if you would like to request permission to reproduce an image from the Museum Collection. All requests must include the intended use, publisher or distributor information, and the expected date of publication or production. All reproduction requests must be approved by the Director, and the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame reserves the right to deny permission to reproduce any image in its collection to any applicant whose product is deemed unacceptable to the Museum for any reason.

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