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Health, History, and Horses

Target Audience: 
Fourth Grade
Program Category: 
School Program
We suggest a minimum of 3 hours for this field trip.
Admission Fee: 

$6.00 per student (1 chaperone per 10 students, teachers and chaperones no charge).  Call the Education Department for more information:  (518) 584-0400 ext. 118  


Health, History, and Horses
Our program, designed for fourth grade, is a local history learning collaboration with the Saratoga History Museum the Saratoga Springs Visitors Center:  this program offers classroom instruction, museum visits, and field trip opportunities that will enhance your students’ learning of the unique significance of Saratoga Springs in New York State history. Core courses include Horsing Around with History:  a tour of the Oklahoma Training Track and a visit to the museum with a focus on local history, science and careers. Due to insurance regulations, only fourth grade students are permitted on this tour with chaperones. Special pricing exists for this program.