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Group Museum Tours

Target Audience: 
pre K to adults
Program Category: 
45 minutes
Admission Fee: 


Please call 518-584-0400 ext.120 or e-mail to reserve your visit and for group admission rates.  Please note:  No backpacks, food or beverages are allowed in the Museum.  Student groups require 1 adult chaperone per 10 students.  

Admission Fees:

Applies to groups of 10 or more

We suggest two weeks advance booking for guided tours.



  • $12.00 per adult (guided tour)
  • $6.00 per senior (guided tour)
  • $6.00 per student (guided tour)


*Specialty tours such as Oklahoma and Health, History Horses are not discounted.

Special rates may apply based on tour date or group size.  Please call (518) 584-0400 ext. 120 or e-mail for more information.