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Photography at the Museum

Policies Regarding Photography, Filming and Sketching in the Exhibit Galleries at the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame


Visitors are welcomed (and encouraged!) to take photographs of their visit to the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame for their own personal, non-commercial use.  Please note that the use of flash photography, tripods and "selfie sticks" is prohibited at all times.  If sharing on social media, please use #nmrhof on your posts, and we might share your post on our official pages, too!


For professional photography and filming crews, special permission from the Museum is required to film or photograph objects or exhibits within the Museum and an appointment must be scheduled in advance through our communications department.


Detailed information regarding our photography, filming and sketching policies can be found below to help you prepare for your next trip to the National Museum of Racing.


Photography in the Exhibit Galleries during your Museum Visit

  1. Museum visitors are welcome to photograph the exhibit galleries during their visit for their own private, non-commercial use.  However, the use of flash photograph, tripods or "selfie sticks" is prohibited at all times.
  2. Some exceptions may apply for certain items on loan or special exhibitions throughout the year.  These exceptions will be clearly marked with a "no photography" sign.
  3. Photographs taken during a Museum visit cannot be published, sold, reproduced or used commercially in any manner.
  4. No professional photography within the Museum is permitted without scheduling an appointment and receiving special permission from the National Museum of Racing.

Filming and Professional Photography within the Museum and its Environs (Courtyard Areas)

  1. Any filming or professional photography done at the Museum should not impact Museum operations or disturb the visitor experience for guests to the Museum on that day.  Whenever possible, film dates and times should be scheduled around visitor hours.
  2. A filming request form must be completed and approved by the Museum Director before a filming date can be scheduled.
  3. A member of the Museum Staff must accompany the film crew for the duration of the filming to ensure the safety of all Museum objects on display and answer any questions.
  4. By requesting to film or photograph the Museum, the photographer/film crew must adhere to the following conditions:
    • No museum visitors may be filmed without their consent.
    • No close-ups of any artwork or objects within the galleries may be filmed.  Only gallery overview shots are allowed due to copyright and security issues.  If there is a specific object that you would like to feature, this must be mentioned on your request and approved by the Museum Director.
    • Only the Permanent Collection Galleries may be filmed.  If there is a special exhibition that you would like to film, this must be mentioned on your request and approved by the Museum Director.
  5. Permission to use the footage or photographs obtained during your scheduled appointment is granted for one-time use only for the specific project outlined on your request form.  Permission to reuse the footage or stills for a different project must be obtained in advance.



Sketching in the Museum Galleries and Courtyard Areas

  1. Visitors may only use graphite pencils, sketch pads and notebooks within the galleries if they wish to sketch during their Museum visit.
  2. The use of pastels, ink pens, markers, charcoal, paint and any other media is strictly prohibited.
  3. Sketching is only permitted in the Museum's Permanent Collection Galleries and not in any of its special exhibition areas.